Writing a research proposal undergraduate engineering

The proposed review will discuss the physical principles behind the monitoring of three common precursors and evaluate how accurate each monitoring is in predicting earthquakes. If you plan on an exhibition, performance, website or other form beyond the USP presentation, explain how and why you are choosing the venue or structure.

Proposal Writing

The fires lasted three days and destroyed 40 percent of the city [Hodgson, ]. Rather, I will discuss qualitatively how well Yucca Mountain meets each criterion. Because engineering students are the primary audience for my proposed research topic and may not be familiar with the history of nuclear waste, I will provide a background on past methods used for waste storage.

Research Proposal Topics

Because the prediction was not more precise, no warning was issued and the earthquake took the population of Mexico City by surprise. You may include the cost of a round-trip coach class fare airplane ticket, meeting registration, hotel, ground transportation taxi, car rental, etc.

People in the nuclear field with some knowledge of the waste problem facing the industry may be a secondary audience. Are you qualified to do it? For that reason, much pressure exists to select Yucca Mountain as a repository site; otherwise, this money would have been wasted.

This means the idea should be important and technically sound. This discussion, drawing much from overview chapters in Earthquakes, Animals and Man [Deshpande, ] and California Quake [Meyer, ], will put into perspective how accurate, or inaccurate, the named methods are and what hurdles face engineers who try to predict earthquakes.

The only other minor costs are photocopying articles, creating transparencies for my presentation, printing my report, and binding my report. Provide detailed ways in which you will assess the success and failure of each aspect of your project.

Guidelines for Writing Project Proposals

This section should also include any personal information about you that would indicate to the reviewers your qualifications for successfully completing this project, including a statement of how the project will contribute to your academic and career goals.

These engineering students already know that earthquakes are devastating. In this review, I will achieve the following three goals: For example, why does the electrical resistivity of rocks decrease before an oncoming earthquake?

InChinese scientists targeted the Liaoning Province as a site with potential for a large earthquake. The review panel rarely recommends funding for proposals that lack adequate background research. Do you have many exciting ideas? Because the primary readers for my proposed literature review are engineering students who are probably not familiar with the theories behind earthquakes, I will have to provide selected background information frommy sources.

Another safety concern is the possibility of a volcanic eruption in Yucca Mountain. Your job is to clearly make the case that this is work worth funding by the particular funding agency and program to which you have applied.

Include a list of any literature that you have cited in the proposal. Problems always arise in research. Geophysical precursors are changes in the physical state of the earth that are precursory to earthquakes. Cite the key literature sources Be up to date Critically appraise the literature The background section should be constructed to inform the reader concerning where your study fits in.

What will you do with your data? One of the most famous predictions was the Haicheng Prediction in China. How will you do that? Given that I can obtain all my sources for the literature review from the library, there is no appreciable cost associated with performing this literature review.A strong proposal must be contextualized by references to existing research, in order to demonstrate that the proposed research will truly cover new ground and contribute new knowledge.

The review panel rarely recommends funding for proposals that lack adequate background research. Contents: Proposal #1 Proposal #2.

Proposal Links: Proposals Proposal Request Proposal Checklist UER. Before an article, report, or brief is accepted into the Undergraduate Engineering Review, the author must first submit a proposal that specifies the importance of the research, the scope and limitations of the research, and the methods for the research.

3 A GUIDE FOR PROPOSAL WRITING INTRODUCTION The staff of the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) at the National Science Foundation (NSF) often provide informal guidance to proposers.

NSF's mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education made by scientists, engineers, and educators from across the country. In all sectors (academe, government, and the private sector), research scientists typically seek and obtain competitive funding for their research projects by writing and submitting research proposals for consideration by the funding source.

The Baylor Office of the Vice Provost for Research has announced the appointment of two veteran researchers, Dr. Nathan Elkins and Dr. Tamarah Adair, as director and assistant director of the university’s successful Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement—URSA—program.

Writing a research proposal undergraduate engineering
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