The smart phone is friend or foe to university students

Now every student has at least a smart-ish phone and they seem really attached to it. What happens when technology fails, for example, when you are in an area with poor reception?

This flyer draws attention to how cell phone use might hinder but could also promote academic success and that both issues will and are currently being discussed in PTO meetings in a variety of schools.

FCAT and the role of standardizing testing: Fair, friend or foe?

Students do a lot of individual work on potentially dangerous machines. Kwenda, Cameron University I solved this problem successfully by including this topic on the first day of class when we reviewed the syllabus.

However, if teachers walked around and observe their students while they take the exam, they can reduce that number to zero. I have read and understood this policy and agree to following the requirements. This also, believe it or not, helps boost their literacy development.

This makes the quizzes a snap to grade and return at the next class period. These little devices can captivate and control humans and turn us into little marionettes. Multitasking polyphasia can often be non-attentive, stress producing and life threatening texting while driving.

But, it has to be taken further to the class room for math tests and other tests to prevent cheating. Applications make their users sign agreements to make sure they understand the implications and consequences to certain information being displayed on the worldwide web.

Also, I told myself that if I cannot do without the phone for a few days, then I should not have it at all. I have this stated on my syllabus, and can therefore be backed up by my administration. There is no time where smartphones are completely off limits. Schools use standardized tests to determine if children are ready for school to track them into instructional groups; to diagnose for learning disability, retardation and other handicaps; and to decide whether to promote, retain in grade, or graduate many students.

I was a champion at it. This exam illustrates just one way I think we are dumbed down. I turned over my phone without hesitation because he needed it.The eVIVA project, run by Ultralab, was acclaimed for its use of mobile phone and web technology to enable students to compile a portfolio of their work in ICT.

Other projects have used learning games delivered by mobile to revive an interest in studying in youngsters who had turned their backs on education. Jul 19,  · For the student who is all-business, the One M9 is a polished mobile machine. Serious specs and a gorgeous build make you the envy of everyone on the quad, especially when blasting music through those powerful stereo speakers.

Smartphones: Friend or Foe? Smartphones May Change But Will We?

By Renee Imes Student at Kapi’olani Community College University of Hawai’i In modern Western civilization, I would venture to say, most of us own a smartphone. Smartphones – Friend or Foe? Posted on December 30, by JimS By Renee Imes they won’t disappear as soon as you get a smart phone.

Instead, you’ll use that phone to. Phones can help students engage more in classroom activities. First, there are plenty of educational apps available in the App Store or in Google Play; you just need to find the right ones for your class. Depending on the age of your students and your subject matter, you can pick and choose the apps that perfectly fit your educational needs.

Contributing Writers: Alyssa Senatore, Anthony Ferrentino, Kareema Archangel, and Lexi Mazza. Our Ethnographic Analysis consisted of all five of our group members using the apps Moment and Hooked to track our phone usage.

Our data was collected over a time period of seven days starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday. Four of [ ]. Contributing Authors: Emily Edinger, Megan Knorr, Michelle Richar, Liz Weihbrecht To help discover the truth about smartphone usage among Bloomsburg University undergraduate students we performed several field observations as part of the special BUnow coverage of smartphone use.

We focused on academic areas such as classes and the library gathering place.

The smart phone is friend or foe to university students
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