The ptomelic dynasty

The last two were of very tender age. But he had failed to reckon with the more powerful interests of Rome. Assigned the African provinces in the division of Alexander's dominions after his death B. They administered in their provinces the old Egyptian laws, and maintained the old Egyptian religion.

The number of rowers required to man these vessels must have exceeded, rather than fallen short of, 6oo,ooo men. The generosity of his temper was evinced by his frequently setting his prisoners free without ransom.

This prince was the most enterprising of all the Lagid monarchs; and under him Egypt, which had hitherto maintained a defensive attitude, became an aggressive power, and accomplished important conquests. The military was inevitably integrated into civilian life because its soldiers were also farmers who enjoyed royal grants of land, either as Greek cleruchs holders of allotments with higher status and generous grants or as native Egyptian machimoi with small plots.

Octavian took the City of Alexandria and had Caesarion killed, while the three children of Cleopatra and Mark Antony were spared. War followed; and Cleopatra, driven to take refuge in Syria, was fortunate enough to secure the protection of Julius Caesar, whom she fascinated by her' charms, B.

A revolt of the Egyptians, and a conspiracy on the part of the general, Scopas, showed the danger of a long minority, and induced the new regent to curtail his own term of office. His first The ptomelic dynasty, after seating himself upon the throne, were the murder of his mother, Berenic6, who had wished her younger son to obtain the succession; of his brother, Magas; and of his father's brother, Lysimachus.

Nor did he long survive her decease. With his aid she obtained the victory over her brother, who perished in the struggle.

Egyptians were nevertheless able to obtain official posts in the bureaucracy, gradually infiltrating to the highest levels, but in order to do so they had to Hellenize.

This page was created in ; last modified on The ptomelic dynasty October She would soon try to take full control but would be met with resistance by her brother and eventually led to her exile in Syria.

The Ptolemaic Dynasty

They fled to Alexandria but could do little more than await the arrival of the victorious Octavian 10 months later. The Egyptian language continued to be used in its hieroglyphic and demotic forms until late in the Roman period, and it survived through the Byzantine period and beyond in the form of Coptic.

The affairs of Egypt during his minority were, at first, administered by the infamous Agathocles, who, however, soon fell a victim to the popular fury, together with his sister, his mother, and his whole family. Egypt was annexed into the Roman Empire, ending the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

The same purpose may be seen in the later dissemination of the romantic myth that gave him an Egyptian parentage by linking his mother, Olympias, with the last king, Nectanebo II. It was the wealthiest, however, and for much of the next years the most powerful politically and culturally, and it was the last to fall directly under Roman dominion.

The principal of these were the royal palace, the Museum, the lofty Pharos, upon the island which formed the port, the mole or causeway, nearly a mile in length Heptastadiumwhich connected this island with the shore, the Soma or mausoleum, containing the body of Alexander the temple of Serapis completed by his son, Philadelphusand the Hippodrome or great race-course.

Upon receiving news of his death, she returned to Egypt to continue reigning in Egypt. The flow may have decreased later in the Ptolemaic period, and it is often suggested, on slender evidence, that there was a serious decline in prosperity in the 1st century bce.

To this princess, who bore him no children, he continued tenderly attached, taking in reference to her the epithet "Philadelphus," and honoring her by giving her name to several of the cities which he build and erecting to her memory a magnificent monument at Alexandria, which was known as the Arsinoeum.

The Ptolemaic The ptomelic dynasty at the end of the third century Although Ptolemy I had refused the regency after the death of Perdiccas, he aimed at more than Egypt alone.

Cleopatra VII Philopator The first Roman plans to conquer Egypt were made in the s, but the famously rich kingdom was too high a prize for one man to win: It soon came to be known as a major center of scholarship for not only Egypt, but all of the Ancient World.

But Zabinas, like his reputed father, Balas, proved ungrateful; and the offended Physcon proceeded to pull down the throne which he had erected, joining Antiochus Grypus against Zabinas, and giving him his daughter Tryphaena, in marriage.

Euclid, and Apollonius of Perga, in mathematics; Philetas, Callimachus, and Apollonius of Rhodes, in poetry; Aristoplianes of Byzantium, and Aristarchus, in criticism ; Eratostlienes in chronology and geography; Hipparchus in astronomical science; and Manetho in history-adorned the Lagid period, and sufficiently indicate that the Lagid patronage of learning was not unfruitful.

After a while his cruelties and excesses disgusted the Alexandrians, who broke out into frequent revolts. Only one answer was possible, and by the end of July Antiochus had left Egypt. The character of Ptolemy Lagi was superior to that of most of the princes who were his contemporaries.

Absorbed in the pursuits of industry, or in the novel employment of literature, the Egyptians forgot their old love of independence, and contentedly acquiesced in the new regime.

In fact, the Ptolemaic economy was very much a mixture of direct royal ownership and exploitation by private enterprise under regulated conditions. Not only was ivory imported largely from this region, but the elephant was hunted oil a large scale, and the hunters' captures were brought alive into Egypt, where they were used in the military service.

Philadelphus is said to have derived from Egypt alone, without counting the tribute in grain, an annual income of 14, talents more than three and a half millions sterlingor as much as Darius Hystaspis obtained from the whole of his vast empire. Cleopatra then took the throne with her younger brother Ptolemy XIV as co-regent.

It was from first to last a part of the established policy of the Lagid monarchs to protect and honor the religion of their subjects, which they regarded as closely akin to their own, and of which they ostentatiously made themselves the patrons. He became the sole ruler of Egypt in BC.

The Ethiopian trade was particularly valuable.The Ptolemies were the rulers of the final dynasty of ancient Egypt, and their progenitor was a Macedonian Greek by birth.

The Ptolemies based the capital of their Egypt in Alexandria, a newly constructed port on the Mediterranean Sea. The fourteen kings of this dynasty were all called Ptolemy and are numbered by modern historians I to XV (Ptolemy VII never reigned).

A remarkable aspect of the Ptolemaic monarchy was the prominence of women (seven queens named Cleopatra and four Berenices), who rose to power when their sons or brothers were too young. History of the Egyptian Kingdom of the Ptolemies (B.C.

to 30) George Rawlinson M.A, Canon of Canterbury and Camden Professor of Ancient history at the University of Oxford. Deserts cover about 20% of the Earth’s land surface, and are often thought of as unforgiving environments where it is difficult to survive even a day or two.

The Ptolemaic dynasty controlled Egypt for almost three centuries ( – 30 BCE), eventually falling to the Romans. Oddly, while they ruled Egypt they never became Egyptian.

Instead, they isolated themselves in the capital city of Alexandria, a city envisioned by Alexander the Great.

Ptolemaic dynasty

In ancient Egypt: The Ptolemaic dynasty. Until the day when he openly assumed an independent kingship as Ptolemy I Soter, on November 7, bce, Ptolemy used only the title satrap of Egypt, but the great hieroglyphic Satrap stela, which he had inscribed in bce, indicates a degree.

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The ptomelic dynasty
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