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If the results were mixed, the The nation seems to be coming to its senses and many countries start to make marijuana legal. She also argues that so many extremely successful people smoke marijuana and gives 50 examples.

The information the source provides should be consider credible because not only do they provide examples from history but statistics also. Roll up a round one and give it a rest" Wanna Benefits Associated With Marijuana Legalization It does not engage the law in forbidding people from Marijuana legalization essay sources willingness and exposure of their bodies and harm from drug use more than by bungee jumping or overeating.

An individual would steal in order to get cocaine or crack, but a marijuana user is less likely to steal to get the drug.

These summits bring people together who can actually make a difference when the legalization issue comes up. The information is credible and important because it gives real polls and statistics.

This writer does a nice job of bringing in people for sources who are actually close to the issue. For several decades now, many youngsters have believed that smoking marijuana is no big deal—it simply helps to stave off stress and to have fun.

There are faxes for this order. We can do as much or as little of this and so much more at will, and rightfully so, after all this is America the great free and forward thinking country others can only dream of.

The source would be considered credible because everything that is said has a source to back it up. But, the debate over marijuana usage has gained momentum in recent years, and there are about ten states that have now legalized the use of marijuana.

But, many marijuana users fail to realize that cigarettes and alcohol have bad side effects like any other addictive drug. MuckReads are shorter reports featuring investigative journalism from other news agencies.

There is evidence to support the contrary, The last paragraph I wrote was meant to refute the claim that marijuana is a gateway drug, and show the evidence to prove that.

Most research on the link between marijuana and crime finds that This is that great country that is full of such innovative forward thinkers.

Critics believe legalization spurs marijuana use, increases crime, Topics featured include politics and elections, national security business, the environment, juvenile justice and health.

It affects areas of the brain dealing with memory, perception, concentration, and movement. The source states prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana, arrests for marijuana possession disproportionately affect blacks and Hispanics and reinforce the perception that law enforcement is biased and prejudiced against minorities, and a regulated, legal market in marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and use among teenagers, as well as reduce their exposure to other drugs in the illegal market.

Center for Public Integrity The Center for Public Integrity is a freely available website produced by a major online non-profit news organization dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting about current issues in the public interest, with a special focus on accountability and fairness, especially in terms of the role and influence of money.

Policy, Regulatory, and Legal Issues. But, should be in the same category as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Writing a research paper on legalizing medical marijuana? By bringing in the idea that we are spending too much money on the war on drugs, the argument for pro-legalization grows new legs.

For example, a study showing a benefit of using marijuana to treat Multiple Sclerosis would be categorized as Pro. Considering that the laws against marijuana did not make any specific change, it is safe to say that legalization will not increase the use of this drug greatly.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. It gives ten valuable reasons for why the readers of High Times believe marijuana should be legalized. This event brought in people from all sides of the issue, from the business, medical, education, law enforcement and government.

The source talks about the topic of marijuana. The source tells of how independents are fueling growth in acceptance of legalizing marijuana.

Even though over-consumption can lead to some problems, there is not a single account of death from marijuana overdose. Many states would like to legalize marijuana usage because, like cigarettes and alcohol, they can receive a lot of tax revenue from the sale of the marijuana.

This third point does not mean that marijuana is completely safe for use, which is why any proper marijuana legalization should be carefully crafted to limit people in marijuana consumption.

Marijuana Legalization Essays

But first the government would have to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act. In this article, a bill was brought before congress that would help lay out a plan for the government to eventually legalize marijuana.

Bias is not an issue in this article, the writer addresses both sides and draws support from both sides. I will use this information in my essay to provide reasons why marijuana should be legalized. Drugs that fall under Schedule I include opiates, opiate derivatives, depressants, stimulants, and psychedelic substances.

Governor Jon Corzine signed the bill into state law, and it sets out the grounds on which medical marijuana is to be distributed to state-authorized patients.12 Smart Sources to Support Your Medical Marijuana Essay The broad topic of medical marijuana lends itself to all types of papers.

Marijuana Legalization

You don’t, however, have stick with the argument of whether medical marijuana should be legalized or the pros and cons of medical marijuana legalization (unless that’s actually your required assignment).

The number of people pointing out to the numerous reasons why marijuana should be legal is growing daily. It is exactly in March of that the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has reported that 61% of Americans are actually supporting the legalization of this particular drug.

The topic I chose is the legalization of marijuana. My research was enjoyable because I love reading on a topic that I fully support and agree with. The four sources I found are very persuading and contain strong points.

I used the web for research but as I found sources, I made sure they were [ ]. Medical Marijuana Sources for your Essay Medical Marijuana Use Not only does this help in making it more easily available, but it also increases its qualities and sellers have to compete and deliver better product, especially in places like Colorado where marijuana is  · Marijuana legalization is one of the current political issue that has growing voter support, but remains a hotbed issue amongst politicians.

In the last twenty years there has been an increase in initiatives able to get the required number of signatures on the ballot in state I'm writing an essay on the legalization of marijuana for a college English class.

If you have any, can you link me some good sources about the /6prjky/marijuana_legalization_sources.

Marijuana legalization essay sources
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