College dorm april fools pranks

Hide Caption 13 of 19 Photos: Great sounds to use are door bells, crickets chirping, his ring tone, or a generic and ambiguous beep. Stepping on the rear portion of the shoe as the foot lifts and thereby removing it is also a "heels" variant known as a "flat tire" or "score".

More details here and here. After screaming and running out of the room, all three of those roommates left their room and called University Police. Going to the bathroom is a very personal act, and this will certainly get under their skin to give you a good laugh.

Neil Macfarland '15 of Annapolis, Md. You're more than likely cohabitating with a complete stranger, and what better way to make a good first impression and develop a strong personal relationship than subject them to a hilarious prank?

The key to executing this prank is in the surprise attack. Florida April 1, at 4: Spitball[ edit ] A "spitball" is a clump of paper that the prankster has chewed and made wet with saliva, to be thrown, spat, or blown at a person or object.

You can hug it and ask it questions. Funny or Die introduced "Dips ," which run all of 1. Using a pancake for the face, get creative with bacon, vegetables or fruit for facial expressions. Truly devastating for bike-covetous college students.

Kancho Kancho is a prank played in Japan ; [4] it is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are pointing out and attempting to insert them sharply into someone's anal region when the victim is not looking. A wedgie may be performed by one attacker, or by a group.

Make ridiculous scary faces with College dorm april fools pranks food and serve with fake spoiled milk put a few drops of green food dye in a regular glass of milk. Knock loudly on both doors and watch the two of them fight to get out through a surprising game of tug of war.

Embarrassing Posters This is a good prank just before the college has a family weekend when family visitors come to see where the college students live.

After much research and two semesters lurking in freshmen dormswe've compiled a list of the top 10 pranks to pull on your new roommate. A variant is to kick their heel forwards as it lifts, known as an "airwalk". Learn about more past pranksand about McCabe Library's planned renovations.

What are your favorite dorm room pranks for freshmen? Life size cardboard cut out of a person prank: The University of Michigan Patriots are heroes of high preparation pranks, deploying costumes and co-operation for fast, funny moments.

Long story short, they discovered the man in their shower was actually Alan, and all had a good laugh. It is commonly performed out of windows of moving buses and cars. Spill the nail polish on the wax paper and let it dry this might take a while but can be sped up with a hairdryer or by using quick-dry polish.

All in all, there is no tradition on campus like the engineers' April Fools' prank. Small spitballs are often propelled by placing them in a straw or the shaft of a disassembled hollow pen and blowing through the other end. Make sure it is only tight enough to allow only one person to open their door just about a foot.

It may literally leave the campus hanging. Receptionist Without A Cause Hmmm. Miz Mooz announced new "Selfie Shoes," which hold smartphones and let users snap portraits with a wiggle of their toe. Guy pranking guy image via Shutterstock Related. And if curious Swatties are already imagining next year's prank, they'll probably have to wait a while.

Here is a classic prank involving Pac-Man costumes. Have an extra person hide out of view at the foot of the bed. Instances of swirling have been prosecuted in courts. Share with us in the comments section below! Shoe-lacing[ edit ] This prank involves the tying of a victim's shoe laces together, typically while the victim is seated and distracted.

Tug-Of-War Door This prank works best in a dorm or hall with two friends whose bedroom doors are directly across the hall from each other. If the ceiling is too high for this kind of duct feat, you can tape objects to the wall to create a disorienting surprise when the person walks into the room.

The best April Fools' pranks of Google, perhaps the leader in Web-based April Fools' jokes, also posted a video on its Japan site touting Google Pandaa stuffed bear equipped with artificial intelligence and voice recognition.On April Fools’ Dayhis macroeconomics class at Aquinas College conspired against his antics.

The Most Valuable Prankster Clemson University’s quarterback, Cole Stoudt, posed as a mannequin to scare teammates—and any unsuspecting passersby.

33 harmless, pesky pranks for april fool's day. so going to do some of these! Find this Pin and more on Dorm PRANKS by Molly Siner. 33 harmless april fools pranks I. Wonder How To is your guide to free how to videos on the Web.

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Awesome College Pranks

Have your. With April Fools’ Day just around the corner, here are some food pranks that will surely fool all foodies and non-foodies alike! 1. Switch salt with sugar in their respective shakers. 5. Hard-boil all the eggs and put them back into the fridge.

List of school pranks

6. Add blue food coloring to your carton of milk to. The best April Fools' Day pranks are cheap or free.

April Fools’ Day College Pranks

They usually have the added benefit of being simple — no elaborate Rube Goldberg machines or costly, time-consuming planning necessary. Here are 18 ideas to get you started. April Fools' Day is right around the corner!

If you're anything like me, I plan for this jovial holiday pretty far in advance. Each year I focus on a different victim, and this .

College dorm april fools pranks
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