Case study nirdosh

With revenues coming in he can open another centre for rolling Nirdosh. Marketing and promotional strategies: Inthrough packaging change and door to door campaign, and increase in price, took the revenue to 5 lacs.

Overall the promotion strategy can be streamlined to attract more consumers from the targeted segment of high income group consumers. He was also contemplating entering into the overseas market and had sent samples for approval to the regulatory authorities abroad.

The Case study nirdosh for Unloosed can be segmented on the basis of prior smoking habits of an individual.

The product is available in packs of 10 in a cigarette Dog packing. Nirdosh is entering 7th year of sale and has major expansion plans. An endorsement by certain celebrities like Ashok Kumar was also arranged for.

Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes Case Study

Additionally, Nerdish has no adverse health effects and keeps the mind and body of the consumer in delighted state. How many doctors would, in fact, therefore recommend smoking to cough lozenges, syrups and other drugs. His smoking sticks had health benefits and tobacco that was not harmful.

This product is completely herbal made by rolling a mixture of 14 herbs in a tendu leaf. Nirdosh is a smoking stick that Mr Bhavsar had the option of either rolling into bidis or cigarettes or both.

The market for bidis is good, but Mr Bhavsar decided to shift from Plan A rolling out bidis to Plan B cigarettes in This will attract the educated lot of the society.

So assuming the total consumption will remain same as per the up down trend given in Exhibit III table 2. Wealthy cigarette smokers will serve as a great potential segment for marketing Nerdish.

Consumption of tobacco was estimated at mn kg or more by another estimate mn kg against 85mn kg for rolling out cigarettes nationwide.

Nirdosh Case Study Essay

But our primary focus is targeting people who recently have moved into smoking, who think smoking is a lifestyle choice and those people who are looking to quit smoking. With a favourable international market, the revenue stream will be boosted and there is a scope to get some machines to achieve the purpose.

It's a question of choice pattern if the smoker wanted to quit smoking. The prices when compared against the bidis are on the higher side. The increased awareness of this product and anti-smoking campaign run by various organizations gives a major advantage for Nirdosh in the market.

Clearly, his product was beneficial to cure variety common ailments. Bulk exporting will demand larger production capacity with hygienic conditions.Nirdosh Case Study Essay.

Analysis on Bhavsar’s Herbal Smoking Device- NIRDOSH Submitted By: Group 7, Section A, PGP-I () Bhavinkumar Parmar Deepak Yadav Jaswant Jonnada Kishore Basa Kunal Thakur Prakhar Gupta Sudhir Ambekar 1 - Nirdosh Case Study Essay introduction. Executive Summary: “NIRDOSH”(a unique non-tobacco smoking device) branched out from the family business.

Nirdosh Case study Nirdosh Case. Brief: Nirdosh is a non-smoking device developed by Mr. Natvarlal Bhavsar. It is a unique herbal smoking device made of 14 herbs developed as a tobacco free cigarette with medicinal values.

Nirdosh Case Study

Nirdosh Case study Nirdosh CaseBrief: Nirdosh is a non-smoking device developed by Mr. Natvarlal Bhavsar. It is a unique herbal smoking d. Nirdosh case analysis Marketing 1. IIM INDORE Herbal Smoking Device NIRDOSH Case Analysis Vishal Nema Vikrant Sangwan Yagna Srikanth Shashikant Kewale Chandra Mohan Sumra Sandeep Kumar Bhardwaj RajaSekar Vijayaraghavan 7/13/ This document is an understanding write-up of Nirdosh, a herbal smoking device, the marketing strategies that can be implemented for increasing sales of.

Nirdosh Case Study - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NIRDOSH’s idea came to Mr.

Natvarlal Bhavsar owner of Maans products – India Company a family possessed business holding headquartered at Ahmadabad which originally runs a biri manufacturing unit and a marketing enterprise from 2 decades. NIRDOSH is a unique non tobacco smoking stick which is.

Case study nirdosh
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