An introduction to the methods of work of chuck close an american photorealist

The Independent, 9 March PACE Gallery launched its fall season with a vibrant and intense Chuck Close solo exhibition, 16th for the artist since the gallery began representing him in One of these rejected values is the idea that "art" is something "special" which should be "elevated from" popular taste.

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I began to realize that it has sustained me for so long because I have difficulty in recognizing faces. Charles Thomas Close was born at home to Leslie and Mildred Close, a couple with a leaning toward artistic pursuits.

The new range of video and photographic imagery has reduced the importance of drawing skills, and by manipulating the new technology, artists notably those involved in new media, like installation, video and lens-based art have been able to short-cut the traditional processes involved in "making art," but still create something new.

Chuck Close

National Gallery of Art. Chuck Close helped to revived the art of portraiture at a time when abstract art was all the rage. The new feature-length documentary of painter Chuck Close examines his personal working process and place in contemporary art as the reinventor of portraiture.

In a nutshell, individual "creativity" was considered to be more important than the accumulation of craftsman-like skills. The exhibition Directed by Marion Cajori.

Following in the footsteps of Leonardo and Michelangelo, they believed in "high art" - art which elevates and inspires the cultivated spectator - rather than "low art" which merely amuses or entertains the masses.

His artworks are a careful balance between the representational, the abstract and the conceptual qualities of the image. By contrast, postmodernists - who favour a more 'democratic' idea of art - see "high culture" as more elitist.

One of the paintings from this series, Bob,was acquired by James Mollison in for the National Gallery in Canberra. Likewise, followers of postmodernist movements like Contemporary Realism s onward and Neo-Expressionism s onward also included numerous painters who worked in a modernist rather than a postmodernist manner.

Some of his enormous portraits are done in pencil or paint, and are so realistic, they look as if they are photographs.

Chuck Close

Representative of his "later, more colorful and painterly style", "the elements of the picture are seen as separate abstract markings" when viewed close-up, while simultaneously maintaining the illusion of a realistic portrait at a distance.

Close first began making these during the late s at a time when figuration was on the wane. In truth he is all and none of these.

He was big and clumsy and not very athletic. Sincethe use of computer and other technologies has revolutionized multimedia art e.

So a huge amount of attention was lavished on the quality of the finished work of art, and the craftsmanship needed to produce it.

ELLE, 16 Aprilillustrated. Faced with a new nonsensical world, the postmodernist response has been: One of the persons who influenced Close was John Patric.

Lives and works in New York. Close has always been the type of person who reacts positively to adversity and his response to the 'Event' proved no exception. Taking the photographic portrait as his subject, presenting it on a colossal scale and then putting it through a complex process of deconstruction and analytic reconstruction, Close created a new kind of art.

So no Greek columns, Gothic style arches, or any other reminders of 'past' styles. Explore works, exhibitions, and events online.Close sought fidelity not so much with the features of the sitter, but with his photograph. One of the paintings from this series, Bob,was acquired by James Mollison in for the National Gallery in Canberra.

That is the opening work in the current exhibition. Chuck Close is globally renowned for reinvigorating the art of portrait painting from the late s to the present day, an era when photography had been challenging painting's former dominance in this area, and succeeding in steadily gaining critical appreciation as an artistic medium in its own currclickblog.comality: American.

Charles Thomas "Chuck" Close (born July 5, ) is an American painter, artist and photographer who achieved fame as a photorealist, through his massive-scale portraits. Close often paints abstract portraits of himself and others, which hang in collections internationally.

InCajori made "Chuck Close", a full-length expansion of the first film. British art critic Christopher Finch wrote a biography, Chuck Close: Life, which was published ina sequel of sorts to Finch's book, Chuck Close: Work, a career-spanning monograph.

Chuck Close Essay Examples. words. 2 pages. A Biography and Life Work of Chuck Close, an American Photorealist. words. 1 page.

An Introduction to the Methods of Work of Chuck Close, an American Photorealist. words. 1 page. Chuck Close's Works That.

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Chuck Close An American photorealist who creates massive-scale portraits. As he matured, he began to use small, abstract paintings/patterns, or even sometimes fingerprints which, when taken together as a whole, combined to make the large, potorealistic portraits he was known for.

An introduction to the methods of work of chuck close an american photorealist
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