An analysis of the setting and plot of the film cruel intentions

Fortunately enough, in reality bets like these are not usually made and situations as such can be avoided. Although this genre brings entertainment content, its influence on actual teens is most likely damaging. As he has won the bet, Kathryn offers herself to Sebastian the next day, but he refuses; he now only wants Annette.

Subverted as Kathryn and Sebastian are in fact pretty intelligent. How am I a hypocrite? Caldwell Christine Baranski and Mrs. This is essentially the entire plot of the story.

Meanwhile, Sebastian continues his quest of Annette by continuting to put on a compasionate facade to discredit his bad-boy reputation. Her reputation is ruined when cocaine is discovered in her rosary. Instead he leaves her his journal, which he writes everything in and no one has ever read, so she reads about the conquest of her virginity.

Whether Kathryn makes one too after the inevitable rehab is unknown. He also gives money donations to charity groups knowing Annette is observing him which is also a part of his ploy to get back on her good graces. Through they have chemistry, she sees right through him and rejects his advances claiming that she knows that he seduces and corrupts young women for his own twisted enjoyment.

The message is clear: Can you honestly tell me that you feel nothing for me? I may have found the film enjoyable but unremarkable, but I have to give the filmmakers full credit for being bold in this other way. You were in love with her.

There he blackmails Cecile in order to perform oral sex on her.

Cruel Intentions Movie Review Summary

What will save her? Annette runs out and tries to stop it, but is accidentally thrown into the way of traffic. Sebastian tracks her down at her parents hotel suite in New York and professes his love, and they consummate their feelings.

Heartbroken, Annette tells him to leave. Annette flees to the estate of her friend's parents. Belt voiced by Sanders is particularly hilarious. On Long Island, Sebastian has a hard time seducing Annette when they first meet. Publically, I will begin to tell my friends to do the same.

Instead, it is purely for entertainment purposes.

Cruel Intentions Movie Analysis

Sebastian pushes her to safety and is hit by the speeding cab himself. She speaks as if Jesus Christ is her greatest ally and even wears a rosary as a necklace in public. This is a reoccurring pattern in my life and although I understand that the relationship is unrealistic and has a very low change of succeeding I find myself unable to resist the stereotypical "bad boy".

His stepsister who is a well-respected woman ends up being found out as a cocaine addict. The story of Kathryn 's life. Subverted, as the minority characters are there for the sake of blatant political incorrectness.

After Sebastian dies, Annette somehow ends up with the car. Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Caldwell about Ronald and Cecile's romance and Mrs. When Grug realizes that his ways are no longer valid he becomes sulky and defiant, and then tries to emulate Guy, acting like he is full of ideas, when all of his ideas just end badly.

Villain with Good Publicity: Sebastian declares that Annette is a hypocrite, waiting for love but refusing to sleep with the guy that loves her. Apparently, she hands it over to Sebastian and Annette's sonBash Casey, once he comes out of the woodwork to claim his family name. Sebastian tracks her down, professes his love, and makes love to her.

Sebastian and Blaine automatically draw the conclusion that Annette and Greg must know each other because they both happen to be from Kansas, a relatively large state — and lo and behold, they're right. In the form of the rail-like Kathryn.

In the final scene, Annette drives away in Sebastian's car with his journal at her side as she remembers the moments they shared. The Omniscient Council of Vagueness:Oct 03,  · Movie Analysis The Blind Side John Lee Hancock Submitted by: Redeem B. Tamayor BABA-1 A Summary The Blind Side was a American semi-biographical drama film written and directed by John Lee Hancock, and based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a.

Parents need to know that Cruel Intentions 2 is a "prequel" to Cruel Intentions, the film loosely based on Les Liaisons Dangereuses, the French novel about sexual manipulation among the aristocracy. An upper-crust New York prep school is the setting this time, and although there's no full-frontal nudity or graphic sex shown here, there's.

The Croods’s message is integral to its plot, and impossible to separate from the film. The film is never cruel or derogatory towards Grug’s views or his fate, and presents his change as character growth, not as something he is forced into. An Analysis of the Setting and Plot of the Film, Cruel Intentions.

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1, words. If "Cruel Intentions" intends to cash in on camp value, its makers knew exactly what they were even if they didn't intend the kitsch, the film is just as enjoyable - only at its own in an elite, Manhattan world of rich teens who go to an upper-crust private school, the film.

Halfway through her speech, students start walking out. Flustered, Kathryn rushes outside the chapel, where Cecile is distributing copies of Sebastian's journal (entitled Cruel .

An analysis of the setting and plot of the film cruel intentions
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